streams overview

fri 3 may 2013 21:44 

streaming options


Below you can find an overview of all the URL's of web streams which are broadcast by Concertzender. This can be particularly helpful when you need to enter an URL into your mediaplayer or into your internetradio.



The higher the amount of kilobits per second, the higher the quality you will receive and the more the internet connection will have to handle.


The 192 kpbs is a stream with HiFi-quality. The low stream is meant for mobile phones or slow internet subscriptions.


Alternative URL

When you  experience problems with receiving the addresses below you could consider using  streams.greenhost.nl:8080/xxxx.


Instead of the xxxx (in the URL space that appears by using the link mentioned above) you fill in the last part of the address. For example: live, oude muziek (early music), etc..



Live Broadcasts
192kbps mp3 (HiFi) https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/live
96 kbps  (medium quality) http://streams.greenhost.nl:8080/sb

NB: aac streams are not supported by iTunes or Windows Media Player. After installation of an aac plugin however Windows Media Player will be able to play aac streams: : http://www.orban.com/plugin/.
Besides that: not all internet-radio's support aac. See the extensive  manual Internetradio for more information.

Theme Channels (128/160kbps mp3)
Klassieke Muziek https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/klassiek
Oude Muziek https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/oudemuziek
Jazz https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/jazz
Wereldmuziek https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/wereldmuziek
Vredenburg Live https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/vredenburg
Nieuwe Muziek https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/nieuwemuziek
Geen dag zonder Bach https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/bach
Hard Bop https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/hardbop
X-Rated https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/concertzenderlive
Raakvlakken https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/raakvlakken
De Gehoorde Stilte https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/gehoordestilte
Oriënt Express https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/orientexpress
Jazznotjazz https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/jazznotjazz
Gregoriaans https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/gregoriaans
Solta a Franga https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/slotaafranga
November Music https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/novembermusic
Dutch Music Media https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/dmm
Pop https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/pop
Folk it! https://www.concertzender.nl/streams/folkit