Prize draw

The competition question last month was about Franz Schubert: When did he compose his Schwanengesang and what was the original title of this work? The correct answer was that he composed his Schwanengesang in 1828 and that the original title of this work was Probst. The name Schwanengesang was given to the work by the publisher Tobias Haslinger in order to make it easier to sell it as Schubert’s musical testament after Schubert died later in 1828. The winner of the CD is A. v.d. Schaaf from Leeuwarden.

This month’s question
For whom did Henriette Bosmans compose several cello works? And why do you think she did this? The prize is the CD Bosmans & Bridge with works for cello and piano by Frank Bridge & Henriette Bosmans. Performers: Mayke Rademaker, cello. Matthijs Verschoor, piano. Quintone Q 07002