Project Beethoven under way

Next year is the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven’s birth. The Concertzender couldn’t stand on the sidelines so has formed a substantial Beethoven team to broadcast all of the Rhineland master’s works. Time for an update.

The timing of all the pieces according to the Beethoven Edition by Brilliant Classics has now been announced and incorporated into the planning and we can now give more details about the broadcasts. Production starts in September 2019 . In the meantime work is being done on the composition of the production team (production, technical, presentation) and the format of the broadcasts. Three top technicians have already agreed to help: Aart Veerman, Jan uit het Broek and Marco Wensveen. The highly experienced presentation team of Concertzender Actueel is ready for the presentation of the broadcasts in 2020. Pauline Verburg, Rahul Gandolahage, Stef Lokin and Evert Jan Nagtegaal.