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thu 27 oct 2016 23:00 

Compiled by our Pop-desk.

An hour of metal, noisy indierock and unruly indietronic, all of this just now, again or almost to be obtained from your local record pusher.

01. TAD. Boiler Room (Remastered). 4:51 minutes.

God’s Balls (SP1177 2016) Sub Pop.
02. Red Fang. Living In Lye. 6:21 minutes.

Only Ghosts. (RR7374 2016) Relapse Records.
03. The Album Leaf. Between The Waves. 6:10 minutes.

Between The Waves/ (RR7346 2016) Relapse Records.
04. Okkultokrati. Hidden Future. 8:04 minutes.

Rasperry Dawn. (LORD228 2016) Southern Lord.
05. American Football. My Instincts Are The Enemy. 4:49 minutes.

American Football (LP2). (PRC-320 2016) Polyvinyl Records Company.
06. Kroh. Mother Serpent. 4:31 minutes.

Altars. (1612001 2016) Devizes.
07. Beach Slang. The Perfect High. 4:03 minutes.

A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings.(PRC-319 2016) Polyvinyl Records Company.
08. MoRkObOt. Gorog. 9:35 minuten.

GoRgO. (CAT018 2016) Supernational Cat.
09. Hypnopazūzu. YOUR EYES IN THE SKITTLE HILLS. 5:39 minutes.

Create Christ, Sailor Boy. (HOM006 2016) House Of Mythology.
10. Psychic Twin. Strangers. 4:50 minutes.

Strange Diary. (PRC-307 2016) Polyvinyl Records Company.
11. So Pitted. Holding The Void. 1:59 minutes.

Neo. (SP1153 2016) Sub Pop.



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