The Night: World Music

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With artists from Europe, Africa, North-America and Scandinavia.


1- Love & Liberté – Gipsy Kings.
One of the few compilations of completely new material. One of their extravagant songs, “No Vivire”, has a prominent bass line and strong brass accents in the chorus. The highlight of the album comes with two instrumental songs, “Guitarra Negra” and “Love and Liberte.” “Guitarra Negra” shows off castanets with bongos. The intensity seems to reach a peak every few measures, just to withdraw and regroup for a new attack. The title track evolves slowly, with a gradual guitar and bass crescendo emphasized by a series of thin piano chords on selected downbeats for emphasis.
Cd. Love & Liberté – Gipsy Kings. Label: Elektra records (1994) | VIDEO

2- Bohème – Deep Forest.
Bohème (from 1995) is the second album from the French duo Deep Forest, released in 35 countries. With mainly Eastern European gypsy songs (i.e. the “Bohémiens” -French pronunciation) with electronic music. The album became the most successful of the duo, sold more than 4 million copies, received Diamond, Platinum and Gold awards in 15 countries and won a Grammy Award for Best “World Music” Album.
Cd. Bohème – Deep Forest. Label: Columbia ‎(1995), code: COL 478623-2 | VIDEO

3- La Couleur de l’Afrique – Pierre Akendenque.
The Gabonese legend Pierre Akendengue, is one of the greatest writers of French-speaking African music. His texts often speak about respect for nature, injustice and human suffering (poverty, corruption …). Pierre Akendenque’s vision is deeply humanistic and universal. We find these themes on the four tracks of this album. Akendengue, who is in his seventies, is supported by a women’s choir, guitar and percussion in a mix of Afro-pop and traditional African rhythms.
Cd. La Couleur de l’Afrique – Pierre Akendenque. Label: Lusafrica (2018), code: 762682 | VIDEO

4- Memorias de Cuba – Carel Kraayenhof and the Metropole Orkest.
Carel Kraayenhof still teaching Argentinian tango at the Rotterdam Conservatory, he often heard the cozy and sultry sounds of Cuban music in the adjacent room. After a vacation in Cuba, he knew for sure, he wanted to combine the sound of his bandoneon with the tres guitar and Cuban percussion. . He used the versatile Metropole orchestra to make this album Memorias de Cuba. Four of the twelve tracks are sung by renowned singers such as Lucio Garcia, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Paskal Jacobsen (Bløf).
Cd. Memorias de Cuba – Carel Kraayenhof, Metropole Orkest. Label: Universal (2008), code: 1773989 | VIDEO

5- Hidden – Jungle by Night.
The Amsterdam collective Jungle by Night is composed of brothers, cousins and friends who play jazz, funk and afro funk. The music is basically funky, with its own influence on every song. In this way we hear Eastern influences on the quiet and beautifully constructed title Dawn. Hidden is the first full-length studio album from this group of Dutch boys, who delve deeper into their own sound, adding studio effects to their afro-funk template, as well as exploring other parts of Africa such as Mali’s desert soul and djembe rhythms from Senegal . The album exudes passion and playing pleasure and is bursting with impetuous and danceable songs. “Ethiopino”, for example, which was released to the world a while before the release of the album, alternates various African rhythms and mixes them together to form a coherent whole.
Cd. Hidden – Jungle by Night. Label: Kindred Spirits (2012), code: KS 037-CD | VIDEO & Documentary Bamm.tv

6- L’Hymne à l’amour – Richard Galliano Quartet.
What Astor Piazzolla did for the Argentine tango, the French accordionist Richard Galliano did for the musette. Galliano caused a revival of this genre and integrated improvisation into it, as he had learned from American jazz, his childhood love. In 1973 he was appointed conductor, arranger and composer of the orchestra of Claude Nougaro. He played with greats such as Chet Baker and Toots Thielemans. With five compositions by Astor Piazolla, L’Hymne à L’Amour can be seen as a tribute to this grandmaster of tango music. A striking guest role is reserved for Gary Burton whose clear vibraphone sound forms a beautiful unity with Galliano’s melancholic accordion.
Cd. L’Hymne à l’amour – Richard Galliano Quartet. Label: Cam Jazz (2007), code: CAMJ 77992 | VIDEO

7- Collected van J.J. Cale.
With its rough velvet, laconic voice, rudimentary guitar playing and moody songs, J.J. In the 1970s, Cale was the most important architect of a sound that would later be referred to as the Tulsa sound, after its home port in Oklahoma. His “laid back mix” of country, blues and rock “n” roll was a major influence on Eric Clapton, who more than once achieved hits with Cale’s songs.
Many of the British rockers owe J.J. Cale but rarely know the level of his solo albums.
Cd. Collected – J.J. Cale. Label: Universal (2006), code: 9840963 | VIDEO

8- The Long Farewell – Ketil Bjornstad.
This year, Norwegian pianist Ketil Bjørnstad is celebrating his 50th anniversary as a musician. To mark this anniversary, the Grappa / PIAS label has released a three-part album: The Long Farewell, The Rainbow and The Way Through the Woods, recorded live in 2004. At the age of 16, he debuted as a pianist in 1969 from the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. He often goes to the cultural Club 7, a stage in Oslo where he gets his inspiration from listening to famous artists. Through the play of Miles Davis, among others, he finds his salvation in jazz and ultimately manages to combine both streams into a refined product.
Cd. The Long Farewell – Ketil Bjornstad. Label: Grappa, [PIAS] (2019), code: GRCD4626 | VIDEO

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