thu 8 jan 2009 15:00 

The Concertzender 25: Music of 1983.
A Silver Lining for 230 V.
‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ is a beautiful expression. The future is not yet certain but what we do know is that The Concertzender celebrates its 25th anniversary this month. For this occasion, the programme 230 V has a silver lining as well with legendary compositions and songs by the duo Silver Apples: Morton Subotnick and Alvin Lucier. An awesome anniversary hour with pioneering electronic music, an electroacoustic experiment with a triangle and the very earliest revolutionary electropop. Silence is silver and listening is silver…

1. ‘Oscillations’ by Silver Apples.
(from ‘Silver Apples’ CD MCA 11680)
2. ‘Whirly-Bird’ by Silver Apples.
(from ‘Silver Apples’ CD MCA 11680)
3. ‘Silver Apples Of The Moon’ by Morton Subotnick.
(CD ‘Silver Apples Of The Moon/The Wild Bull’ Wergo 282 035-2)
‘Silver Streetcar For The Orchestra’ by Alvin Lucier.
(Algen CD 120)