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The Last Century

thu 4 aug 2016 12:00 

The Longest Breath, episode 2. A program about the wind instrument with the longest breath of all: the organ.



Today, The Longest Breath focuses on the 100th anniversary of the death of German composer Max Reger (1873 – 1916). His music might seem neglected, but his organ compositions certainly are not.


1. Max Reger. 12 Monologues, opus 63 (1902).
Wouter van den Broek, organ.
Grote Kerk, Dordrecht – Kam 1859.
Emergo EC 3998-2 (1993).

2. Heinrich Sutermeister. Psalm 70 en 86 for low voice and organ (1947).
Ulrich Bremsteller, organ.
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, baritone.
Audite (2010).

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