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sat 6 aug 2016 03:00 

Transglobal World Music

The Transglobal Music Chart is a list compiled of the best world music records. It was founded by three Spaniards, who thought the World Music Charts Europe were too limited. Its 51 members are from all over and work in media. Music journalist Charlie Crooijmans represents the Netherlands, and tells us what she voted for this month.



Dolma Renqingi & Kelsang Hula

1. Dolma Renqingi & Kelsang Hula (Tibet): Chomolungma
2. John Renbourn & Wizz Jones: National Seven
3. Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis: Ouden Oida (I Know Nothing)
4. Marcel Khalife – Ana Li Habibi
5. Bachar Mar-Khalife – Lemon
6. Soun San: Phleuv Dail Treuv Deu (The Path You Should Take)
7. Thorn Seyma & Arn Chorn Pond – Bong Euy Sdaap Pkor (Hear the Thunder)
8. The Breath: Harvest

Elza Soares
Elza Soares

9. Elza Soares: Firmeza Featuring Rodrigo Campos
10. Simone Sou: Caboca veia
11. Nizar Rohana Trio: Jūrjīnā Bayātī

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