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Palace of Nostalgia

sat 6 aug 2016 13:00 
Composer: Herman van Veen

Jazz, blues and nostalgia, by Sjaak Roodenburg. About the most precious of places: home.

Nostalgia and Desire for the patch of ground where we can fully be ourselves.
Where every nook and cranny is familiar. With ‘Home Again’ by the new phenomenon Michael Kiwanuka. Herman van Veen with the gorgeous Ischa Meijer-song ‘Amsterdam Zuid’. The remarkable Clarence Henry a.k.a. ‘Frogman’, so called because of the frog sounds in his fifties hit song ‘Ain’t got no home.

The legendary black duo Layton & Johnstone with their classic ‘Home on the range’, and the equally legendary British Flanagan & Allen in ‘Hometown’. For Hellen Merrill, ‘Any Place i Hang my Head is Home’, but Jim Reeves longs for his ‘Geboorteplasie’. Porter Wagoner sings about the ‘Green, Green grass of home, while Sue Raney takes a ‘Sentimental Journey’.

Edith and Sherman Collins discover there has to be a far better place than home: ‘I can’t feel at home in this world any more’. In the words of Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, an hour in the Palace of Nostalgia: ‘Come on Home!’


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