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mon 25 jul 2016 16:00 
Composer: Steve Reich

The sixth episode in an anniversary series around the 80th birthday of Steve Reich later this year: the late 70s. In the late 70s, Reich developed the style with which he would become famous with the general public. That style is a mix of chord progression, psycho acoustics and simplification. And still the African rhythms, that are stuck in his memory since the beginning of his career, are shimmering. 

Steve Reich

• Music for a large Ensemble (1978)
Steve Reich Ensemble
• Octet/Eight Lines (1979)
Ensemble Modern conducted by Bradley Lubman
Recorded June 28-29, 1997
• Music for pieces of Wood (1973)
Steve Reich ensemble
• Music for mallet instruments, voices and organ (1973)
Amadinda Percussion Group