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sat 20 aug 2016 03:00 

Folk Music from Romania, part 4


An hour of music, from two LP’s that are no longer available and were never released on CD. The recordings on the LP “Ballades Et Fêtes En Roumanie” are from a recording session from 1980-1981.


Source LP “Ballades Et Fêtes En Roumanie”, 1985, Le Chant Du Monde LDX74846-47

1.  To Welcome The French Guests
Vocals, Guitar – Marin Căleaţă
2.  The Snake Ballad
Accordion – Alec Staicu
Cimbalom – Gheorghe Staicu
Vocals, Violin – Constantin Staicu
3.  When The Bride Leaves Home
Cimbalom – Ilie-Alecu Martinescu
Vocals, Violin – Radu Tiţa
4.  During The Wedding Procession
Cimbalom – Ilie-Alecu Martinescu
Violin – Constantin Staicu
Vocals, Violin – Radu Tiţa
5.  The She-Scorpion Ballad (Scorpia) And Dance
Bass – Gheorghe Ciulin
Cimbalom – Ilie-Alecu Martinescu
Violin – Radu Tiţa
Violin, Vocals – Constantin Staicu
6.  Dance (Hora)
Violin – Mielu Staicu
7.  Dance (Hora)
Violin – Mielu Staicu
8.  The Ballad Of Radu Anghel
Violin – Ilie Constantin
Vocals, Violin – Marin Mielu
9.  The Ballad Of Ghitsa Catanutsa
Cimbalom – Vasile Cîrlan
Violin – Gheorghe Ceamă, Niculae Parnică
Vocals – Vasile Buzatu