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Sound the Trumpet, Strike the Viol!

mon 29 aug 2016 14:00 

Early music expert Kees Koudstaal pulls the most beautiful CDs with early and classical music for you from the shelves of his own CD shop. The newest releases by Vox Luminis, Cappella Murensis, Les Cornets Noirs and Cappella Gabetta. 

1. Johann Caspar Kerll (1627-1693)
– Sequenza from the Missa pro defunctis
Performers: Vox Luminis, Scorpio Collectief and L’Achéron conducted by Lionel Meunier
CD: Ricercar Nr. 5400439003682, 2016

2. Composer: Emperor Leopold I (1640-1705)
– Motetto de Septem Doloribus Beatae Mariae Virginis
Performers: Cappella Murensis eand Les Cornets Noirs conducted by Johannes Strobl
CD: Audite Nr. 4022143975409, 2016


3. Composer: Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741)
– Sequenza from the Kaiserrequiem
Performers: Vox Luminis, Scorpio Collectief and L’Achéron
CD: Ricercar Nr. 5400439003682, 2016

4. Composer: Antonio Vivaldi [1678-1741]
– Violin concerto in a minor ‘La Cetra’, RTV 358
Performers: Cappella Gabetta conducted by André Gabetta, violin
CD: DHM Nr. 0888751946620, 2016

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