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The Early World

sat 24 sep 2016 07:00 

Music from the Ojibwe Indian tribe from the north and centre of the US and the south and centre of Canada,  and of several islands in the Pacific.


A new album of rare material, performed by members of the Ojibwe people. The Ojibwe are the ‘Aboriginals’ of south/centre Canada and the north/centre of the US, who are part of a larger cultural group known as the Anishinaabeg. ‘The Native American Flute’ has a fascinating range of sounds and surprising melodies, with flutes and drums, but also sounds of nature like the forest, rain, wind, thunder, eagle calls and howling wolves. The music played a strong ritual part. The Ojibwe had no written language, which means many songs of old also functioned as historic tales.
CD. ‘The Native American Flute’Label: Arc Music (2016), code: EUCD-2660/1. Video – Ojibwe people


‘Music from the Pacific’ by ARC Music lets the listener learn about the music from different islands in the Pacific Ocean. The compilation combines field recordings by David Fanshawe, includings sounds of surfing and other natural sounds and traditional musical songs with contemporary studio recordings. The participating islands are: Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands, and Easter Island.
CD. ‘Discover the Music from The Pacific’ – with Arc Music. Label: Arc Music (2016), code: EUCD-2662/4. Video



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