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The Wandering Microphone

sat 15 oct 2016 22:00 

Field recordings and historical recordings by Jan Kruit and Maxim Chapochnikov.


Tonight a programme on the field work of Deben Bhattacharya (1921–2001) with field recording made in India in the 50’s and 60’s.



Deben Bhattacharya


From record “The Indian World of Music and Dance”, 1965, Supraphon SUA 12637


Field recordings in Benares


  1. Tangkhul Love Song
  2. Lotha Ballad
  3. Alap On Vina
  4. Shrikhand Geet
  5. Mathur
  6. Raga Darbari From Karnatak
  7. Pungi-Snake-Charmer’s Pipe
  8. Sindh-Bhairavi
  9. Temple Bells And Drum
  10. Pilgrim’s Songs From Benares
  11. Song Of Transplanting Rice
  12. Rabha Spring-Time Song

From Record“Folk Music Of Northern India” 1954, Period Records, SPL 1614



Record cover “Folk Music Of Northern India”


  1. Tritala
  2. Kajli
  3. Bhatiali
  4. Baul Song

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