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Solta a franga

sat 15 oct 2016 00:00 

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Rafadelic: Dub Voyage

Dub Voyage

Apart from worldy funky beats, mainly more modern dubs with ethnic influences in a hypnotising edition of Solta a Franga. A mix, in which under the deep bass lines, various influences fight for the lead, like Shaman Trance, Celtic Jigs, Asian Chants and Jamaican Irie Vibes. With new releases of RSN, Brother Culture, Dopelimat, Youth, Oceanvs Orientalis, Kamindanda, kLL sMTH, Kaya Project and others. But we also have room for some older gems like a 7 inch single by Chimp Beams.
01. Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers – Rar (Radio Citizen Remix) [Agogo Records, 2016]
02. Goatika – Air [Sticky Music, 2014]
03. Krusseldorf – Bud Luvin [Sofa Beats, 2007]
04. Meditronica – Mare Nostrum [Rarenoise, 2009]
05. Brother Culture Vs Youth In Dub – Urban Rebel Dub [Liquid Sound Design, 2016]
06. kLL sMTH – Ulterior Motif [Bandcamp, 2016]
07. Anelis – Bola Com Os Amigos [Scubidu Records, 2011]
08. Deepstar Feat Zini – Yo Ho [Miam Records, 2016]
09. RSN – Everything (Timwarp Inc Remix) [Minos, 2016]
10. Kaminanda – Celestial Dub [Merkaba Music, 2016]
11. Tor.Ma in Dub – Sac Be At Night (Kaya Project Remix) [Section Records, 2016]
12. Blue Pilots Project – African Path [Catharsis, 2011]
13. Afternoons In Stereo – Tinto Brass [ Timewarp Music, 2006]
14. Spatialize – Koog And Zalem [Self Released, 2014]
15. Chimp Beams – White Sage Dub [Concent Productions, 2011]
16. Love Grocer And Dubdadda – Cloudy Day [Universal Egg, 2006]
17. Kazamatsuri Kenta – Melittha Dance [Rudiments, 2010]
18. Shamanoid – Walking In The Desert [Timewave Recors, 2011]
19. Oceanvs Orientalis and Idil Mese- The Cube [Bar25 Music. 2016]
20. Harem – Virtual Voices [Heaven Music, 2003]
21. Dopelimat – Deadly Technics [Bandcamp, 2016]
22. The Worldstylers – Dubcity Fanatikz [Mana Mana, Records 2015]



Rafadelic has been a DJ and producer since the 90’s. Under different names, he creates unique sets for connoisseurs at dance parties, cultural events and festivals. From refined jazz to solid electronic beats, and from pure roots to worldly mixes. Using his own beats, samples and re-edits, Rafadelic knows how to sum up his search of ‘essential sounds’ in a surprising way.



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