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Contemporary Music

mon 17 oct 2016 16:00 
Composer: John Cage

230 Volt. Contemporary Electronic Music #42. With music of Murcof x Wagner, Chi Factory, Ujjaya, uBik, Biosphere, Mind Over Midi and Robert Scott Thompson.


1. Murcof x Wagner – In A Landscape.  (Cage, John / Corona, Fernando / Wagner, Vanessa). 10:46.

2LP: Statea. Infiné/IF 1038LP.

2. Chi Factory – Last Flute. (van Oosterom, Hanyo / Derwort, Jacobus). 2:31.

LP: The Bamboo Recordings. Astral Industries/AI 05.
3. Chi Factory – Japan. (van Oosterom, Hanyo / Derwort, Jacobus). 3:23.

LP: The Bamboo Recordings. Astral Industries/AI 05.
4. Ujjaya – La Ballade de Taccoli Otenan. (Randriambololona, Hery). 5:11.

File: The Landing Zone. Eg0cide Productions/eg0_162.

5. uBik – Every Picture Is A Fossil. (Bonini, Marco). 08:42.

File: Anything You Don’t See Will Come Back To Haunt You. Soundcloud/none.
6. Biosphere – Than Is The Mater. (Jenssen, Geir). 4:03.

2LP+CD: Departed Glories. Smalltown Supersound/STS281LP.

7. Mind Over Midi – Spatial. (Tømmervåg, Helge). 3:45.

K7: Geophony. The Level Of Vulnerability/TLV-TAPE020.
8. Robert Scott Thompson – Plane of the Ecliptic. (Thompson, Robert Scott). 37:15.

File: Plane of the Ecliptic. Bandcamp/none.


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