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Radio Resistencia

thu 20 oct 2016 00:00 

A monthly treat to indie-pop, noise, techno and lo-fi. Live Neugeborene Nachtmusik.

Dj M.


-Nature Morte – (Recluse) II.
-His Divine Grace – Der In Den Blättern Lebt.


Live: Neugeborene Nachtmusik.


– Untitled.
– Untitled.
– Untitled.
– Untitled.
– Horse.


Dj Alacidus.


– Abdulla Rashim – Nothing Existed.
– Född Dödd – De Ensammas Hus.
– Konstellaatio – Syvänteesä Pukinjalkaisen.
– Sars & Ar – Stolen Scenes Of Golden Lush.


Neugeborene Nachtmusik is Dutch producer and DJ Maurice Hermes. For years his base is in Berlin, where he works as a DJ. His own music is usually released by Enfant Terrible. His mix is quirky and special, with elements of electro, techno, krautrock, ambient. He creates his own sound using these elements. This live set for Radio Resistencia is contrived of new, unfinished material, but finished enough to play.

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