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Kraak Helder

mon 31 oct 2016 04:00 

Today’s Innovative Electroacoustic Music.

00. Chad Mossholder. Kraak Helder Intro.
01. Erik Satie. Uspud (1892) (excerpt). Performed by Reinbert de Leeuw, piano.

Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam, June 13, 2011

Sound by Dick Lucas, for VPRO / Radio 4 Eigentijds (
02. Francesco Giannico and Giulio Aldinucci. Agoraphonia. Agoraphonia (excerpt).

Label: Dronarivm.
03. David Chaim Smith, Bill Laswell, John Zorn. The Dream Membrane (excerpt).

The Dream Membrane. Label: Tzadik
04. Benge. 6.02. Electro-Orgoustic Music.

Label: Expanding Records
05. Panos Alexiadis. Vaporous Phosphorescence On A Damp Meadow.

Orphne. Label: Thalamos
06. Core Shift. Liquid Colors. the slow shifting of parallel interpretations of life.

Label: Self-released

Produced by: