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Brazil in a Nutshell

sat 10 jun 2017 04:00 hrs
Composer: Ernesto Nazareth

The richness of Brazilian music by Juliano Abramovay. Episode 7

This week’s program will be devoted to Radamés Gnattali, a personality of major importance for Brazilian music of the XX century. Composer, pianist and arranger, Gnattali worked in the beginning of his career as arranger for the record company RCA Victor and for the National Radio for over 30 years. He was responsible for many orchestral arrangements for famous singers and instrumentalists from the Golden Period of the Brazilian Radio, during the 40’s and the 50’s.


1.     Pixinguinha – Suite retratos 04:47
2.    Ernesto Nazareth – Suíte Retratos 04:44
3.    Anacleto de Medeiros – Suite Retratos 03:37
4.    Chiquinha Gonzaga – Suítes Retratos 04:18
5.    Dez Valsas 13:19
6.    Valsa (de Brasiliana Nº 13) 04:06
7.    1×0 02:24
8.    Urubu Malandro 02:54
9.    Alma Brasileira (Estudo em Ritmo de Choro) 04:13
10.   Movido – Sonatina para flauta e violão 05:01
11.    1o movimento Concertino Para Violão.aif 05:52


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