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The Art of the Improvisers

sat 10 jun 2017 11:00 
Composer: Willem Breuker

A series of broadcasts, dedicated to the recently released 11-part CD box Out of the Box of the Willem Breuker Kollektief. Part 3 entitled Plays and Movies. Willem Breuker lived between 1944 and 2010.

Out of the Box, CD 3: Plays and Movies    

  1. Maagdenhuis
  2. Commune
  3. Ouverture ‘Oog om oog, tand om tand”
  4. De Spaanse Vlieg
  5. Reisefieber
  6. On Animal Locomotion
  7. De Geile Beer
  8. La Valse de Bourgeoisie
  9. L’industriel Danse


11.The Cicero Funeral Chapel

12.Finale: Deze kant op dames

13.Minimal Kollektief Dance

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