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mon 19 jun 2017 00:00 hour

Today on Popart, the sixteenth part of the series Schatgraven (Treasure Hunt), centred around the year 1967. The year of the legendary “Summer of Love”, first in San Francisco and later on in London as well. The big hits of that year remind us of these days, like “A Whiter Shade of Pale” of Procol Harum, “All You Need Is Love” of the Beatles and of course natuurlijk “San Francisco” of Scott McKenzie. 1967 was also the year of classic pop albums like “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “The Velvet Underground & Nico” and “Forever Changes” of the band Love. But we don’t play any of this. We mainly play tracks by artists who have been forgotten or would only become known to large audiences later on.

01. The Sunsets. The Hot Generation. (Lindsay Bjerre). 2:13.
02. The Rising Storm. Bright Lit Blue Skies. (Ronn Campisi). 2:32.
03. The United States of America. The Garden of Earthly Delights. (Dorothy Moskowitz, Joseph Byrd) 2:39.
04. The Bumble Bees. Girl of My Kind. (Jim ten Boske, René Bakker) 1:51.
05. Curtis Knight & the Squires. Happy Birthday. (Curtis Knight) 2:20.
06. Ron Buford. More Soul. (Ron Buford) 3:05.
07. The Mind Expanders. Pictures at a Psychedelic Art Exhibition. (Modest Moessorgski) 2:06.
08. Namdar & Suraj Mohammed Ilyas. “Lahu Pukarega” (Title Music). (Mohammed Ilyas) 3:01.
09. The Young Holt Trio. Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy. (Isaac Red Holt) 4:43.
10. The Beau Brummels. Only Dreaming Now. (Ron Elliott, Sal Valentino) 2:11.
11. The Melodians. Last Train to Expo 67. (Brent Dowe, James McNaughton, Tony Robinson) 3:08.
12. John Holt & The Paragons. Man Next Door. (John Holt) 2:20.
13. Manny Corchado And His Orchestra. Pow Pow. (Manny Corchado) 3:35.
14. The Up Tights. That’s the Sound of My Heart. (Charles J. Holmes) 2:19.
15. Buddy Rich. Away We Go. (Allyn Ferguson) 3:14.
16. We All Together.     It’s A Sin To Go Away (Que Triste Es Alejarse). (Carlos Guerrero, Carlos Salom, Ernesto Samamé, Manuel Cornejo, Saul Cornejo) 4:00.
17. The Bonzo Dog Band. Piggy Bank Love. (Neil James Innes) 3:04.
18. The Mothers of Invention. Mother People. (Frank Zappa) 1:40.
19. Pearls Before Swine. Another Time. (Thomas Dale Rapp) 3:05.
20. The Chocolate Watch Band. Dark Side of the Mushroom. (Bill Cooper, Richard Podolor) 2:26.


01. Hot Generation ! – 1960s Punk From Down Under. Big Beat Records ‎– CDWIKD 216.
02: Calm Before…. Arf! Arf! ‎– AA-034.
03: The United States Of America. Sundazed Music ‎– LP 5211.
04: Pebbles Vol. 23 The Continent Lashes Back! Holland Pt.2. AIP Records ‎– AIP 10040.
05: The Wild One… Hallmark Records ‎– SHM 791.
06: Instrumental Explosion. BGP Records ‎– BGP2 163.
07: What’s Happening?. SD Design Records ‎– SDLP-284.
08: Early Pakistani Dance Music (From Original 7″ Soundtracks 1967 – 1975).
Ovular ‎– OVULAR 01.
09: Wack Wack. Kent Records ‎– KENT 062.
10: Triangle. Warner Bros. Records ‎– WS 1692.
11: First Class Rock Steady. 17 North Parade ‎– VP4206.
12: Man Next Door 7”. Striker Lee.
13. Pow Pow 7”. Jazzman ‎– JM.049.
14. That’s the Sound of My Heart 7”. Soul7 ‎– SOUL7.038.
15. Take It Away! Liberty ‎– LBL 83090.
16. Young People 7”. Mag ‎– 3627.
17. Gorilla. Sunset Records ‎– SLS 50160.
18. American Pageant (Musical Underground Oratorios). Duchesse ‎– CD 352076.
19. One Nation Underground. Get Back ‎– GET 91008.
20. No Way Out. TOWER – CW 5096.

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