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sat 17 jun 2017 02:00 

Interesting albums from the folk and roots music history, by Marius Roeting.

Liederjan with Live aus der Fabrik

Folk and humor, does that mix? It sure does. Despite the fact that most subjects of roots music are dead serious, there’s generally plenty of room left for pleasure. Sometimes this happens through comical introductions, which make the stories more interesting – or at least funnier –  than the song that follows. There are also acts who make humor, both in lyrics and in music, their main goal. Take for example Nieuwe Snaar. After releasing traditional Irish/Celtic music like Tramps & Hawkers in their early years in the seventies, the trio Anselm Noffke Jörg Ermisch and Jochen Wiegandt changed course and sailed towards German songs. Around 1974 they travelled through the land of music as Liederjan. The focus was on old, traditional German folk songs, complemented with own contemporary work by interested poets and with resistance songs. This made Liederjan the first group to blend folk, political concerns and cabaret into one in the German language. In 1976 their debut album was released and to rub some more salt in the wound, they had recorded it live. The quality of sound of Live aus der Fabrik isn’t perfect and the music feels a little dated. But then, it isn’t Liederjan’s best album. But album does mark the turning point in their career which gave German folk a completely different outlook.

That is way, this month in Disc Cover: Liederjan with Live aus der Fabrik.


Liederjan – Live aus der Fabrik Elektra ELK 52 042

  1.  Die Lippischen Schützen
  2. Drei Gesellen
  3. Der Lindenschmid
  4. O König von Preußen
  5. Dunkle Wolk’
  6. Der Abtder reit’
  7. Steiniger Acker
  8. Abendlust
  9. Warum Hans und Lotte kein Paar wurden
  10. Herr und Knecht
  11. His em op und Holmer Fischerlied
  12. Die Moorsoldaten

Liederjan – Mädchen, Meister, Mönche‎– Polydor 2371 876

13. Innsbrügg, ick moth dy laten 4.10

Liederjan – Der Mann mit dem Hut – Philips 6435127

14. Es brennt 2.46

Liederjan – Idiotenclub – Pläne 88462

15. Idiotenclub 3.13

Track 1 -11: trad, bewerkingen Jörg Ermisch

Track 12: Johann Esseer, Wolfgang Langheft, Rudi Goguel, bewerking Jörg Ermisch

Track 13: Heinrich Isaac, De Bouck– Ludwig Uhland, trad

Track 14: Mordechai Gebirtig

Track 15: Rainer Prüss

Produced by: