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Thou singest ye carol

mon 5 feb 2018 14:00 

Evert Jan Nagtegaal and the Art of Song

Krzysztof Penderecki: ‘Timbres’  


All works belong to Krzysztof Penderecki

1. ‘Strophen’ – texts of Menandros, Sophocles, Jeremia and Omar El-Khayám.
Soprano Olga Pasichnyk, recitant Jerzy Artysz together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Warsaw conducted by Antoni Wit.

2. Symphony no. 8 ‘Lieder der Vergänglichkeit’. (version 2005)
Soprano Michaela Kaune, baritone Wojtek Drabowicz, tenor Richard Minkiewicz.
Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir of Warsaw, conductor Antoni Wit.
a. Nachts, (text Joseph von Eichendorff) for mezzo-soprano and choir
b. Ende des Herbstes (1st strophe) (text: Rainer Maria Rilke) for choir
c. Bei einer Linde (Eichendorff) for baritone
d. Flieger (Karl Kraus) for baritone
e. Frülingsnacht (Hermann Hesse) for baritone
f. Ende de Herbstes (2nd strophe) for choir
g. Sag’ ich’s euch, geliebte Bäume? (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) for soprano and choir
h. Im Nebel; (Hesse) for soprano and choir
i. Vergänglichkeit (Hesse) for soprano and choir
j. Ende des Herbstes (3rd strophe) for choir

k. Herbsttag (Rilke) for baritone
l. O grüner Baum des Lebens (Achim von Arnim)

3. a. ‘Ize Cheruvimy’ (Song of the Angels) and b. ‘In pulverem mortis’ (You brought me to the dust of death).

The Netherlands Chamber Choir conducted by Tõnu Kaljuste

With thanks to Muziekweb in Rotterdam.


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