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Concertzender Live

tue 6 feb 2018 15:00 

Live recordings made by de Concertzender from concerts around the country.

In November last year the French Quatuor Diotima gave in three days time a series of four concerts in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ with on each concert a work of Schönberg, Beethoven and Boulez. The quartet had diverse reasons for that intent. These are eplained by Emanuel Overbeeke together with Pauline Verburg.
De Concertzender broadcasts in three consecutive Monday evenings three of the four concerts. Today, the second recording of 18 November.


1. Arnold Schönberg – String quartet no. 4 op.37
2. Pierre Boulez – From: Livre pour quatuor: Part 6
3. Ludwig van Beethoven – String quartet no. 15 in A op.132
Quatuor Diotima: Yun-Peng Zhao, Constance Ronzatti, violin. Franck Chevalier, viola. Pierre Morlet, cello

Recording technique: Wijnand de Groot


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