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Absolutely Classical

fri 2 feb 2018 10:00 CET
Composer: François Devienne

Music from the true Classical era.


1. François Devienne – Quartet for bassoon, violin, viola and cello in G, opus 73, no. 3.
Musica Reale: Gustavo Núñez, bassoon. Anna de Veij Mestdagh, violin. Frederik Boits, viola. Benedikt Enzler, cello.

2. François Devienne – Flute concert no. 10 in D
Adrás Adorján, flute. The Munich Chamber Orchestra conducted by Hans Stadlmair

3. François Devienne – Oboe sonata in D, opus 71, no. 2
Burkhard Glaetzner, oboe. Christine Schornsheim, pianoforte. Siegfried Pank, cello.

4. François Devienne – Double bass trio opus 17, no. 2, in C
Mathieu Lusier, double bass. Pascale Giguère, violin. Bemoit Loiselle, cello.


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