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Carib Calling

sat 10 feb 2018 22:00 
Composer: Ronald Snijders

Special Guest: Walther Muringen. Music from Suriname, Caribbean and South America. A program based on an idea by Noraly Beyer, around ‘Special Guests’ who are allowed to determine their theme and the music themselves.

Special Guest:

Walther Muringen

Eddy Muringen

Noraly Beyer

Walther is one of musical sons of musician Eddy Muringen. As a musician (drummer, singer, trumpet player and music teacher) he has built up a special track record in numerous well-known music ensembles, including Fra Fra Sound, the Ronald Snijders Band, Denise Jannah’s band and De Nazaten.

Play list:
* L.O.V.E. – Denise Jannah & Walther Muringen
Kris Chapel:
* We were able to cook the baka,
* Joe takroe fesi,
* Wi egi prisiri,
Kamalamas et al. Eddy Muringen
* Emelina,
* Mina mina,
* Sang j’e lukoe mi,
* Bara doti,
* Mi brada,
* Badji.

Production and direction:
Cobie Ivens

Thanks to:
Salto Amsterdam

Saturday 10 February 2018, time: 03:00 & 22:00

Produced by: