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Live recordings made by de Concertzender of concerts with Early Music. Two recordings this time of the festival editions 2016 and 2017 of the Utrecht Early Music Festival. Cappella Mariana sings music from the Codex Specialnik and the duo Leila Schayegh and Jörg Halubek plays violin sonatas of J.S. Bach and Albinoni.

A) The Prague company Cappella Mariana presents in a combination of singers and soft wind instrumental music from the Codex Specialnik. This is a 15th century handwriting from the circles around the radical Hus follower Jan Zelinsky.
The composers remained anonymous, but the melodies belong to the European musical heritage.

Anonymous (approx. 1500)
1. Pane Bože bud’ při nás
2. Miserere nostri
Bartholomeus Frank (?-1523)
3. Muteta kokodáč vel ut re mi fa et converso
Anonymous (approx. 1500)
4. Kyrie fons bonitatis
5. Gloria Amore dei nezpiwayte ho, prziliss jest lahodne a melodizke
Johannes Tourout (fl. 1450-75)
6. Chorus iste
Heinrich Isaac (1450-1517)
7. Credo
8. Ave Maria: Ave ancilla trinitatis
Flemmik (fl. 1500)
9. Sanctus klickovo
10. Discubuit Jesus
Johannes Tourout
11. Advocata libera
12. Náš milý svatý Václave

Cappella Mariana conducted by Vojtĕch Semerád, tenor
Recording: 27 August 2017, Nicolaïkerk Utrecht
Technique: Arnout Leene, production: Wijnand de Groot

Leila Schayegh

B) The Italian Tomaso Albinoni was admired a lot by Johann Sebastian Bach for his virtuoso violin sonatas. Bach copied and used material of Albinoni in his own lessons and compositions.
The Swiss violinist Leila Schayegh places sonatas of the two composers next to each other.

Tomaso Albinoni (1671-1750/51)
13. Sonata for violin and basso continuo Op. VI no. 7
– Grave. Adagio
– Allegro
– Adagio
– Allegro

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
14. Präludium und Fuge über ein Thema von Albinoni in BWV 951

Tomaso Albinoni
15. Sonata for violin and basso continuo Op. VI no. 6
– Grave. Adagio
– Allegro
– Adagio
– Allegro

Johann Sebastian Bach
16. Sonata for harpsichord and violin in B BWV 1014
– Adagio
– Allegro
– Andante
– Allegro

Johann Sebastian Bach
17. Sonata II A major, 1015, 1. (dolce)

Leila Schayegh, violin. Jörg Halubek, harpsichord
Recording: 1 September 2016, Auditorium Academy building Utrecht
Technique: Fokke van Saane, production: Wijnand de Groot


Giovanni Mossi (1680-1742)
18. Sonata XII in D major
– Alla Francese
– Allemanda, Allegro Moderato
– Sarabanda. Largo
– Corrente, Allegro
– Gavotta, Allegro
Leila Schayegh, violin. Ilze Grudule, cello. Jörg Halubek, harpsichord
(CD Giovanni Mossi Sonate a Violino… Panclassics, 2009)


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