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Chronicle of Dutch Music

tue 20 feb 2018 11:00 

Works of Wolfgang Wijdeveld (1910-1985).


1. Violin sonata (1948).
Junko Naito, violin. Ton Hartsuiker, piano.

2. Sonata for 2 violins and piano (1954).
Birthe Blom & Cecile Gouder de Beauregard, violin. Daniel Kramer, piano.

3. Three songs on Poems by Walt Whitman (1949).
Julia Bronkhorts, soprano. Junko Naito, violin. Guus Jeukendrup, viola.
Fleur Bouwer, clarinet. Jacco Lamfers, piano.

4. Dedication (1980).
The Anido Guitar Duo: Annette Kruisbrink & Arlette Ruelens, guitar.

5. Sunday’s miniature.
Historic recording with: Wolfgang Wijdeveld, harmonium.
Nelly Boeree, trumpet. Cees See, cymbals.


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