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sat 24 feb 2018 17:00 

Ever since the music of ECM appeared on Spotify, the legendary German label seems to open itself for new listeners. A reason to find out what new releases have appeared and how ECM sounds now, years after Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek have set the tone.
An exciting mix of mostly pianists who experiment between jazz, improvisation, classic and atmospheric sounds. Everything of course with the well-known ECM resonance.
Dutch pianist and ECM artist Wolfert Brederode cannot be absent with his most recent album Black Ice and with the Swiss singer Susanne Abbuehl.

1) Mathias Eick: At Sea (Midwest, 2015)
2) Susanne Abbuehl: Bees Are Few (The Gift, 2013)
3) Aaron Parks: Song For Sashou (Find the Way, 2017)
4) Wolfert Brederode Trio: Fall (Black Ice, 2016)
5) Craig Taborn Trio: Saints (Chants, 2013)
6) Susanne Abbuehl: Wild Nights (The Gift, 2013)
7) Chris Potter: Heart In Hand (The dreamer is the dream, 2017)
8) Theo Bleckmann: The Mission (Elegy, 2017)
9) Craig Taborn: Daylight Ghosts (Daylight Gosts, 2017)
10) Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan: Small Town (Small Town, 2017)


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