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sat 3 mar 2018 02:00 hrs

The performance of Mokoomba, a young band from Zimbabwe, recorded at the  Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam on 17 February 2017.

Mokoomba comes from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. They play South African and Tonga rhythms and in their music the influences of Afro-beat, soul, soukous and Congolese rumba can be heard. The six use both traditional and contemporary instruments and can silently sing a capella or throw a soukous dans spectacle on stage.

During Womex 2012, the group was a sensation. 2012 was also the year they released their second album Rising Tide, which was well received worldwide. Music magazine Songlines gave Mokoomba in 2013 the Newcomers award for this album. Meanwhile, their third album Lyando has been released and the group is succesfully touring the world.
The line-up:
Mathias Muzaza, vocals, percussion
Trustworth Samende, guitar, vocals
Donald Moya, keyboard,, vocals
Abandunce Mutori, bass guitar, vocals
Ndaba Coster Moyo, drums, vocals
Miti Mugande, percussion, vocals


1. Yombe, Mokoomba (6:18)
2. Kumkanda, Mokooomba (7:13)
3. Nyaradzo, Mokoomba (4:38)
4. Mabemba, Mokoomba (7:05)
5. Makisi, Mokoomba (0:5:59)
6. Najwane – Sawale (04:23)
7. Minsola, Mokoomba (06:27)
8. Kulindiswe, Mokoomba (09:24)
9. Wayile, Mokoomba (08:55)

Recorded by Cees Sterrenberg and Mart Hebing, production: Wijnand de Groot

Produced by:
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