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Solta a Franga

sat 10 mar 2018 00:00 CET

A party without borders! Mixed by DJ Rafadelic: Balearica.



A Solta a Franga revolving around Balearic beats with the necessary trips to Afrobeat, Latin, Dub and Cumbia. There are fresh releases of Chriss Joss, K15 (photo) and Grimez a.o. We also have many nice discoveries where we go back in time: from a 90s classic on Warp to a Latin smash from the 60s and a lot of funky beats!

01. Grimez – Cultural Fusion [Chiefdom Records, 2018]
02. Lakuta – Pique [Caroline Records, 2016]
03. Manju – Beki Miri (Reggae Version) [Discograph, 2005]
04. Hugo Kant – The Meeting [Bellring, 2017]
05. Vukan Gyorgy – Linda (Dj Clairvo Remix) [Budabeats, 2016]
06. Copan Connection Bixiga 70 – Jimmy [Glitterbeat, 2016]
07. Ivan Conti – Mamao’s Brake (IG Culture Remix) [Far Out, 2017]
08. Waqwaq Kingdom – [Bird Jahtari, 2017]
09. L Entreloup – Shoefiti [Evidence, 2016]
10. Emapea – Rudeboy [Cold Busted, 2014]
11. David Nesselhauf – Passport Check [Legere Recordings, 2016]
12. The Spam Allstars – Afrika [Spamusica Records, 2007]
13. The Madrigal – Sunflower [Balearic, 2017]
14. K15 – Sunbeams [Eglo Records, 2018]
15. Willie Bobo – La Descarga Del Bobo [Verve Records, 1967]
16. Galactic – Second And Dryades [Traffic Inc., 2007]
17. Chris Joss – Static Flavor [Teraphonic Records, 2018]
18. Gorillaz – Latin Simone (Que Pasa Contigo) [Parlophone, 2001]
19. Danakil – Jattends La Nuit [Baco Records, 2017]
20. The Sabres Of Paradise – Wilmot [Warp Records, 1994]
21. Shpongle – Remember The Future [Twisted Records, 2017]

Rafadelic is active as DJ and producer since the 90s. Under various names he, time and again, creates a unique set for connoisseurs on dance parties, cultural events and festivals. From refined jazz to solid electronic beats and from pure roots to worldly cross-pollinations. With the use of his own beats, samples and re-edits he knows how to summarise his quest for essential music time and again.

Blog by Rafadelic:


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