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The Early World

sat 10 mar 2018 07:00 hrs
Composer: Yann Tiersen

With music from Azerbijan, Wales, Senegal and France.

RIMA Garmon & Naqare with Rahman & Vahid Asadollahi.
This album is a RIMA (which means DUET) for Garmon & Naqare, performed by Rahman & Vahid Asadollahi. All songs are inspired by the melodies of Azerbaijan and the Iranian repertoire. Some of the songs are composed by master Qolamhossein Bigjekhaniand & Rahman Asadollahi. CD. RIMA Garmon & Naqare – Rahman & Vahid Asadollahi. Label: Raha Records (Iran) 2016. Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO Rahman Asadollahi – VIDEO Vahid Asadollahi.

SOAR by Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita.
Catrin Finch is a star on the classic harp and grew up in the wind-ridden Wales. Seckou Keita is a virtuoso player of the kora and spent his youth on the dry savannas of South Senegal. Two totally different worlds and musical backgrounds, but what does it produce amazingly beautiful music.
CD. SOAR – Catrin Finch & Seckou Keita. Label: Bendigedig (2018), code: BEND12-1. VIDEO

Dust lane by Yann Tiersen.
People who know Yann Tiersen mainly from his traditional French folk music with modern, minimalistic classical influences may be frightened by the song titles of his 6th CD. The titles Dark Stuff and Ashes point to the difficult period that the composer experienced on the personal level. The idyllic soundtracks of French and German films were always only one side of the Frenchman. Perhaps that is also the reason why Tiersen does not work with guest singers and singers, but instead takes place behind the microphone. Despite the theme, this album is not heavy on the hand, but it also offers space for sparkling melodies and light sounds. A personal record that brings various aspects of the musician to the fore. CD. Dust lane by Yann Tiersen. Label: Mute (2010), code: 9090642. VIDEO

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