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“Crawl back into my cocoon”

A non-stop mix of ambient soundscapes, experimental electronics and modern classical music.

Winter Morning
It’s cauld – it’s dark – through the dread waste
Yon starn, sae red, and sma,
Presses its weak, encumberd, beam,
To perish in the sna’.

Och! Och! it’s mirk – the furious storm,
Howls round the hill sae high;
And black, and awfu’, on the earth,
Sits down the laiden sky.
[Robert Couper, 1804]


It was never my intention beforehand to let this edition get as dark and cold as this. But even at the beginning of this Spring season the tracks for this April edition only seem to refer to the Winter season:
Melancholic cello music to start with, then venturing into the (extremely cold and mystical) Siberian steppes –  some feverish scenes of incrompehensible muttering – psychedelic/nightmare-ish visions…
But, as there is beauty in darkness, there’s much to enjoy. Especially knowing we can always “crawl back into our cocoons…”



  • 00:00 DreamScenes – Intro (Susanna)
  • 00:43 Erik K. Skodvin – Indecipherable
    A Score For Darling, 2018, Sonic Pieces
  • 02:01 Rauelsson – Uncover
    A Score For Darling, 2018, Sonic Pieces
  • 03:20 Nytt Land – Nordur (Yule Song)
    Odal, 2018, Cold Spring
  • 09:20 Seabuckthorn – A House With Too Much Fire
    A House With Too Much Fire, 2018, La Cordillère / Bookmaker (release june 2018)
  • 12:38 Jesús Antonio Vergare (Duchampignon) – Hikuri
    Automatas Sonoros, 2018, self-released (BandCamp)
  • 16:22 Anna Von Hauswolff – The Marble Eye
    Dead Magic, 2018 City Slang
  • 21:20 Ugasanie – On The Ice Shelf
    Ice Breath of Antarctica, 2018, Cryo Chamber
  • 24:50 Sarah Bernstein Unearthish – Crazy Lights Shining
    Crazy Lights Shining, 2018, Phase Frame (release May 25)
  • 27:01 Jóhann Jóhannsson – Jói & Karen (Ruichi Sakamoto Rework)
    Englabörn & Variations, 2018, Deutsche Grammophon
  • 31:33 From The Mouth Of The Sun – Reaching When Nothing Is There
    Sleep Stations, 2018, Lost Tribe Sound (release May, 18)
  • 35:02 Yaír Etziony – Am Aller Ecke
    Deliverance, 2018, False Industries
  • 39:51 Alaskan Tapes – Drifter
    Drifter/Untitled, 2018, self-released (Bandcamp)
  • 43:14 Ekin Fil – Inflame
    Inflame OST, 2018, Helen Scarsdale Agency
  • 44:07 No Tongues – La Voix De La Mort Rugissante
    Tracks Of The World, 2018, Ormo Records
  • 48:02 Nils Økland Band – Skygger
    Lysning, 2017, Hubro
  • 51:49 Capac – Winter Morning
    Through The Dread Waste, 2018, This Is It Forever
  • 55:04 Birds Of Passage – Another Thousand Eyes
    The Death Of Our Invention, 2018, Denovali
  • 59:00 DreamScenes Outro (Dean Hurley)


Produced by:
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