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The Early World

sat 12 may 2018 05:00 hrs

With music by Kelly Thoma (Greece), De Nazaten (Suriname / NL), Sonido Gallo Negro (Spain / Mexico).

1- Kelly Thoma.
The Greek musician Kelly Thoma released an album in 2009 entitled Anamkhara, where she shows the enchanting sound of her modified ‘lyra’ (the lyre is a Greek pear-shaped three-string curved musical instrument from Crete and other islands in Greece). Thoma’s beautiful modal music includes various musical influences from Crete, the eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and India. She performs with the renowned acoustic music of the Ross Daly Ensemble and is involved in various other projects, including musical workshops and a music festival in Crete. CD. Anamkhara – Kelly Thoma. Label: Kelly Thoma (2009), distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

2- De Nazaten.
This nine-piece Surinamese / Dutch wind and percussion band has been around for more than 20 years. Their music, according to de Volkskrant, is surprised by the “crazy mix of styles”, the warm sound of the Surinamese rhythms. A unique Dutch stew mixed with Surinamese moksi meti. World, jazzy and danceable. After two tours and CDs with saxophone giant James Carter De Nazaten came with their new album Als de haan tanden krijgt... For this album band member and composer Robby Alberga has been given carte blanche to write a completely new repertoire for De Nazaten. His music is always a wonderful mix of Surinamese roots, Dutch jazz, pop, funk, Brazilian frevo and many other styles. CD. Als de haan tanden krijgt… – De Nazaten spelen Robby Alberga. Label: Strokbrock 1801 (2018). Distrubutie: XANGO music. VIDEO

3- Sonido Gallo Negro.
Hailing from Mexico City, the exciting third album by Sonido Gallo Negro continues their quest for the psychedelic richness and rhythmic pulse of Peruvian cumbia while at the same time striving for new sounds and textures – such as mambo, cha cha, porro and danzon. Filled with hectic, red-hot identities and sonorities, Mambo Cósmico is the album that reinforces the international reputation of Sonido Gallo Negro through their powerful concerts. Mambo Cósmico is a sonic collage that is not only musical, but also cultural and historical. This combination of nine musicians seeks a new and unexpected musical cosmos that goes beyond their polished Mexican and Latin American influences. Their navigation maps indicate an extra synchronicity of sound and imagination with the Middle East, the Spanish old world and Africa, as embedded in North and South America. CD. Mambo Cósmico – Sonido Gallo Negro. Label: Glitterbeat (2107), code: GBCD056. Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

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