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Orient Express

sat 5 may 2018 01:00 CET

Classical Arabic music in maqam Rast

In this Oriënt Express Arabic classical music, e.q. the maqam (musical mode) Rast. A populair mode in traditional and older populair music mode. You will hear different instrumental and vocal pieces in the Arabic Middle-Eastern tradition.

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The first track is an example of a wasla “suite” with different vocal and instrumental improvisations, followed by a song, all in the same maqam rast. The song “Leh ya banfsag” is a classic romantic Egyptian song in which the singer ask the pansy (banafseg): why i it that you make me happy, while you are such a sad flower?

Saleh Abdel Hay

  1.  Leh Ya banafseg (Wasla Rast): Saleh Abdel Hay 23:36
    – Taqaseem in rast (improvisation on the ud)
    – Semaϊ rast instrumental composition of Tatyos
    – Layali (Vocal improvisation in rast)

    Riad Al-Sunbati

    – Leh Ya banafsag (song composed by Riad Al-Sunbati)
    1950s recording Sonocaire/Sono Cairo Cassette Tape . 76062/3012.

  2. Rast taqsim en Bashraf Mohamad maqsoud 08:56
    East Mediterranean Flutes 2003 FM CD 1522

    Ghada Shbeir

  3. Hayyara L’afkar (Muwashshah) Ghada Shbeir 3:33
    Qawaleb –Zaman productions CD 2008

    Taiseer Elias

  4. Taqaseem Rast Ud. Taiseer Elias 5:31
  5. Shagani Nouhak Ya bolbol (Mawwal) M Abdel-Wahab 06:09
    Anthologie De La Musique Arabe Muhammad ‘abdu-l-wahab VI-1932-33 CDA CD AAA 017
  6. Taqsim Rast (Qanun). Abraham Salman 5:23
    Abraham Salman Saltana , 1997 Nada productions Cd.
  7. Leh Tilaw’ini. Umm Kolthoum 06:04
    Anthologie De La Musique Arabe-Oum Kalsoum -Vol-5 CDA CD.
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