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The Early World

sat 2 jun 2018 05:00 

With music from ud player Mehmet Polat, and the Afro-tropical jazz quartet Orchester Toubab.

1- Mehmet Polat is an experienced ud player, composer, ensemble leader and soloist. From Africa to India, Persia to the Balkans, he combines many musical genres with his Alevi (= Muslim philosophers from the Renaissance) spiritual, Anatolian folklore and Ottoman classical music background. After many years of research, he invented his own technique to go beyond the limitations of his traditional instrument. With this new left hand technique he can play more advanced and modern pieces. He has also designed an ud with two extra bass strings to broaden the range and function of his instrument. Mehmet has been based in Amsterdam since 2007.
CD. Ageless Garden – Mehmet Polat. Label: Aftab Records (2018), code: MP59. Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

2- Orchestre Toubab, founded in 2010, is an Afro-tropical jazz quartet. The name of the band refers to the legendary Senegalese band Orchestre Baobab. The term “Toubab” is used by Senegal to describe Westerners. This name announces all the musical color of the group, which is mainly inspired by African music. Orchestre Toubab plays original compositions halfway between jazz and world music. The instrumentation consists of a violin, a (nylon string) guitar, an electric bass and percussion.
CD. Teeru Deggoo (Harmony Harbor) – Orchestre Toubab. Label: Own management, code: A3CD007 (2018). Distribution: XANGO music. VIDEO

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