Contemporary Music

mon 11 feb 2019 16:00 

Today’s Music by Today’s Composers.
Ben Frost

The Australian composer Ben Frost composes, since plus/minus 15 years, completely instrumental, experimental and often minimalistic music. In the last few years he also made different soundtracks for film and television. In this episode of Contemporary Music you can listen to songs of four different albums from his elabourate work.


From the album Theory of Machines (2007):

– Theory of Machines

From the album By the Throat (2009):

– The Carpathians

– Híbakúsja

– Through the Glass of the Roof

– Through the Roof of your Mouth

– Through the Mouth of your Eye

From the album Aurora (2014):

– Venter

– No Sorrowing

– Sola Fide

– A Single Point of Blinding Light

From the album The Centre Cannot Hold (2017):

– Ionia

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