World Minerals

sat 20 apr 2019 23:00 

World music, compiled by Pieter de Rooij and Carolien Cleiren.

New releases by Phillip Henry, Samba Touré, Ustad Saami, Pierre Akendengue and the Rodopi Ensemble.


Phillip Henry is the other half of the duo Edgelarks, which he formed together with Hannah Martin. Together they were present in the programme Acoustic Roots as guests, which can be listened to on Concertzender.nl Acoustic Roots 21 March 2014 .
Since 10 years he goes back and forth to Calcutta where he is taught on the slide guitar by none other than Debashish Bhattacharya. True North is his first solo album.
Cd. True North, O’Carolan’s Welcome, Phillip Henry (03:53), (2018), Dragonfly Roots.

Samba Touré, songwriter, singer and fantastic guitarist has released a new CD, titled Wande, which means “The Beloved”.
Samba Touré is seen as the musical heir of the legendary Ali Farka Touré, with whom he played many times in Europe and the United States of America.
1. Hawah, Samba Touré (04:45).
2. Goy Boyro (The Good Work), Samba Touré (04:52).
3. Mana Yero Koy, (Where to Go?), Samba Touré (04:25)
CD. Wande, Samba Touré (2018) Glitterbeat, LC41276, Xango Music Distribution

Samba Touré


Ustad Saami recently released a CD, titled ‘God is not a terrorist’.
Ustad Saami is a 75-year old Pakistani. He researches and develops his microtonal, pre-islamic music and sings multilingual, not only in Urdu, but also in Persian, Farsi, Sanskrit, Hindi and Arabic. Because of that, he risks his life on a daily basis, because all music made before Mohammed does not exist according to hardliners and is therefore forbidden.
1. My Beloved, Ustad Saami (05:30)
2. Hymn, Ustad Saami (01:09)
3. War Song, Ustad Saami (07:32)
CD. God is not a terrorist, Ustad Saami (2019), Glitterbeat, LC41276, Xango Music Distribution.

Pierre Akendengue is a well-known singer and poet from Gabon.
He comes from a musical family and started composing at a young age. In the course of thirty years, he played a broad range of different genres of modern African popular music. Since the 1960’s he resides in France, which is the reason why many of his texts are sung in French. His last EP, La Couleur d’Afrique, was released by Lusafrica.
1. Lettre à Laurent Gbagbo, Pierre Akendengue (04:45)
2. Deux-Mocrates, Pierre Akendengue (06:01)
EP: La Couleur de l’Afrique, Pierre Akendengue, (2018), Lusafrica, 762682.

The Greek Rodopi Ensemble has released a new album, titled Thraki.
Thraki is a collection of 11 traditional Thracian songs and dances by the Rodopi Ensemble.
Next to the violin, clarinet, kanun and lute, you will hear the voice of Drosos Koutokostas.
1. Tsakitzes, traditional (04:55)
2. Apo Tin Prousa Kinisa, traditional (3:51)
3. Kita Me Glikia Mou Agapi, traditional (4:45).
CD: Thraki, Rodopi Ensemble, (2019), ARC Music Production, EUCE2822


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