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Music by Microwolf, Perfect Vacuum, The Don’t Touch My Croque Monsieurs, Harald Austbø, Rooie Waas, deNeuve, Bulbul, Big Hare and Oorbeek.

1. Microwolf. Sovereign. (You Better Go Now 2017)
2. Perfect Vacuum. Gold Features. (I Must Not Think Bleak Thoughts 2019)
3. The Don’t Touch My Croque Monsieurs. De Wereld Is net Niet Genoeg. (Beste. Styuurlui. Ooit. 2012)
4. Harald Austbø. ABC. (Ontwaak 2019)
5. Rooie Waas. Jouw Mening. (Het Is Maar Een Constatering 2012)
6. deNeuve. Nightclubbing. (light heeled fleet footed cheap artists 2017)
7. Bulbul. Going. (Hands Of O. 2019)
8. Big Hare. Plastic Haydn. (Lucky Dip 2019)
9. Oorbeek. Oh? Denneboom!. (Oh? Denneboom!/Stille Nacht 2018)

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