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tue 24 dec 2019 00:00 
Composers: Isaac Hayes | Stevie Wonder

Music & Politics. Episode #11. THE IMPORTANCE OF JAMES BROWN.

For decades, the name of James Brown sounds like dance music, disco music, party music. No way, the importance of the Godfather of Soul in the history of music is above all.
The most powerful grooves and the most powerful rhythm section of all time have been invented by this man, the most important words to the black community in the 60s and the 70s are part of his legacy.
We can count thousands of artists, bands, musicians inspired by JB’s music and lyrics, we can say without a doubt his influence is still very much in nowadays music.
In this last episode of the first series of Music & Politics, we just listen to some example of the influence of JB grooves. Every song has a specific link to the JB world.
If you are not aware of what the man was able to do with his power, please enjoy this show as we are sure you‘ll love the man and the music behind.
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