The String Quartet

wed 25 dec 2019 11:00 

Almost twenty programmes after we discussed the string quartets of Schumann, we finally get to “the young man whose cradle Graces and Heroes stood by and watched. His name is Johannes Brahms.” Schumann wrote this already in 1853. The audience wasn’t immediately enthusiastic when both quartets of opus 51 were published and performed in 1873. The music was considered too complex to be valued after just one performance. In the beginning, people thought there wasn’t much to enjoy. In other words, you had to stay focussed; a complaint that’s frequently heard about Brahms’ music, even today..

Shortly after the publication of opus 51, opus 67 was also published. The three quartets are spread among two programmes. The String Quartet in C minor opus 51:1 is a tribute to Beethoven’s opus 59 and the String Quartet in A minor opus 51:2 can be considered as a tribute to Schumann. Brahms showed his love for Mozart particularly in the first part of his String Quartet in B flat major.  

Johannes Brahms – String Quartet in A minor, opus 51:2

1. Allegro non troppo, 2. Andante moderato, 3. Quasi Minuetto, moderato, 4. Finale. Allegro non assai

Performed by: Orpheus Quartett

CD: Turtle Records

Johannes Brahms – String Quartet in C minor, opus 51:1

1. Allegro, 2. Romanze

Performed by: Orpheus Quartett

CD: Turtle Records


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