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Opera in the 20th century

The history of twentieth century opera.

1993: What a year in opera land! There are many, beautiful opera premieres from every corner of the world: from America to Russia and from Belgium to Italy. And the operas are of top quality. Many of them are still performed today.

In today’s episode you can listen to fragments from:

  • Philippe Boesmans (photo)- Reigen
  • Daron Hagen- Shining Brow
  • Nikolai Karetnikov- Tijl Uilenspiegel (Тиль Уленшпигель)


Other opera and operetta production from 1993 are:

  • Hugo Weisgall- Esther
  • Azio Corghi- Divara- Wasser und Blut
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen- Freitag aus Licht
  • Edward Barnes- A Muskrat Lullaby
  • Edward Barnes- A Place to Call Home
  • Bo Holten- Operation Orfeo
  • Peter Reynolds- Sands of Time
  • Juan Maria Solare- Veinticinco de agosto, 1983
  • Aulis Sallinen- The Palace (Palatsi)
  • Dominick Argento- The Dream of Valentino
  • Gian Carlo Menotti- The Singing Child
  • Henri Pousseur- Dichterliebesreigentraum
  • Rodion Shchedrin- Lolita
  • Robert Ashley- Now Eleanor’s Idea
  • Alfred Schnittke- Gesualdo



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