World Minerals

wed 15 jan 2020 00:00 

Today, new releases from Mali, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands and a Czech/African production.

Baba Sissoko, singer and n’goni player, is proud to be a member of the Sissoko family. To celebrate this fact he has dedicated his new solo album ‘Amadran’ to all Sissoko’s around the world.

  1. Amadran, Baba Sissoko (04:00)
  2. Simbo Ba, Baba Sissoko (04:20)
    CD. Amadran, Baba Sissoko, (2019), Home Records, 413309


Tailcoat, also known as “The new all star band of Nordic instrumental folk music”, is a band made up of five musicians that play traditional instruments such as the Nyckelharpa, the Hardanger fiddle and zither, accompanied by a 5 string bass and percussionist, giving it a modern twist.

  1. Morgenhalling, Emil Ringtved Nielsen, Tailcoat, (03:18)
  2. Hayhusens March, Henriette Ambaek Flach, Tailcoat (04:13)
  3. Nibbla, Rasmus Brinck, Tailcoat (04:21)
    CD. Tailcoat, Tall Tales in Tiny Pieces, Tailcoat (2019). Go Danish Folks, GO1119

Czech musicians, composers and producers Martin Piro and Pavel Smid met Cheikh Lô and his band in a caravan that doubled as a mobile recording studio during the Colours of Ostrava Festival. Their jam session, during which Cheihk Lô started singing the well known song Jah’rabi, a song of which Martin Piro and Pavel Smid had recorded a reggae version, later led to the album King ‘N’ Doom.

  1. Jah’rabi, trad. feat. Cheikh Lô, Kassé Mady Diabaté, Leopold Lô en Madou Kouyaté (05:12)
  2. Thiamness, feat. Zeina Ndong, Abdoulaye Dembelé, Madou Kouyaté en Leopolod Lô (04:43)
  3. King Lô, feat. Cheikh Lô, Leopold Lô en Urs Wagner (03:40)
    CD. King’N’ Doom, feat. Cheikh Lô e.a. (2019) Rustical Records, Xango Music Distribution

Singer Lamia Bedioui and multi-instrumentalist Solis Barki released and produced the album Fin’amor. The album is a mixture of Sephardic music, Rai, traditional Berber music, but also an eskimo song.

  1. The Hunt, Sephardic trad. from Bulgaria, Lamia Bedioui and Solis Barki (03:49)
  2. Lullaby, Sephardic trad. from Bosnia, Lamia Bedioui and Solis Barki (04:47)
  3. The Gracious Aunt, trad. Berber song from Algeria, Lamia Bedioui and Solis Barki (04:46).
    CD. Fin’amor, Lamia Bedioui and Solis Barki (2019) lbediouimusic@gmail.com LM042-2

Arifa recently released the album ‘Secret Poetry’. Arifa is a group of three musicians from Romania, Turkey and the Netherlands/Germany. They’re based in the Netherlands. The group consists of three well known musicians: Alex Simu on clarinet, Franz van Chossy, piano and Sjahin During, percussion.

  1. Node, Alex Simu, Arifa (05:11)
  2. Tiflis, Alex Simu, Arifa (04:55)
    CD. Secret Poetry, Arifa (2019), Mundus Productions 2019555, Xango Music Distribution
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