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Missa etcetera

fri 24 jan 2020 06:00 
Composer: Melchior Vulpius

Religious music from the early 17th and early 19th century.

 Melchior Vulpius (ca.1570-1615)
From Cantiones sacrae part 1:
1. Exultent et laetentur in te
2. Coecus quidam sedebat juxta viam
3. Exaltabo te Domine
Capella Daleminzia, Vocalconsort Waldheim and Singschule Waldheim conducted by René Michael Röder

Marcos Portugal (1762-1830)
4. Missa a quatro in F major opus 35
5. Magnificat in C major
Ensemble Turicum

With thanks to Muziekweb in Rotterdam.


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