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The String Quartet

wed 5 feb 2020 11:00 

A series of episodes about Czech composer Antonin Dvořák (1841-1904)

Following last week’s Quartet in A minor, the String Quartet No. 7 is also written in A minor. Almost like the first needed some repairs and the composer found it more suitable to write a new piece entirely. From the first bar, it seems that Dvořák has found the right tone, the appropriate clear structure and the proper quartet tone. But even perfection can be approved upon apparently, seeing as Dvořák decided to revisit and revise Quartet No. 7 in 1894.

The gorgeous String Quartet No. 1 in A major by Zdenek Fibich (1850-1900) was also written in 1874. Although his Bohemian background is less obvious in Fibich’s music in comparison to Smetana and Dvořák, it does not mean he was less interested in folk music. His music sports a more Bohemian undertone, more rural in tone instead of folk.

Antonin Dvořák – String Quartet in A minor (no. 7), opus 16 (1874)

1. Allegro ma non troppo, 2. Andante cantabile, 3. Allegro scherzando, 4. Allegro ma non troppo

Performed by: Panocha Quartet

Album: Supraphon

Zdenek Fibich – String Quartet in A major (1874)

1. Allegro grazioso, 2. Andante semplice, 3. Allegretto, 4. Allegro

Performed by: Panocha Quartet

Album: Supraphon

Antonin Dvořák – Cypresse no. 5 – Andante

Performed by: Vlach Quartet Prague

Album: Naxos

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