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tue 18 feb 2020 00:00 

Music & Politics. Episode #13. LAIDBACK, NO PLAYBACK

Theme: Nowadays music is a joke. Artists are not used to embrace their instruments or shout out loud their voices anymore. It’s all controlled by an industry where the use of overproduction and fake tracks in music mirrors the mad society we live in today. Lucky us, it’s not all like that, in this episode of Music & Politics we travel to discover live session jams and recordings.
All the tracks are recorded as you hear them. No nasty use of over dubs or backing tracks, just groove and soul to let our minds and bodies follow the flow.
M Base Steve Coleman and soundcheck Prince recording give us an idea on how music can make the difference if you just let human nature do the job.


2) REMEMBRANCE : Kamaal Williams & Yussef Dayes
3) CHEMIN DE FER: Dexter Story
4) LITTLE GIRL ON FIRE (LIVE): Steve Coleman and Five Elements
5) THE MAN WITH THE MOVING CAMERA: The Cinematic Orchestra
6) KONG : Playing Dice
7) NAGOYA (LIVE) : Prince 
8) MODERN SCENE: Ghost Funk Orchestra
9) AN EMPTY VESSEL feat Rasheeda Ali: 14kt

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