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The Big Sound

sun 23 feb 2020 00:00 
Composer: Miles Davis

Baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan (1927-1996) was primarily known as the leader of piano-less combos, but he also had a respectable track record as an arranger and leader of big bands. The Dutch Jazz Archive released an album of a 1960 performance of Mulligan’s Concert Jazz Band in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw.

  1. Utter Chaos (Mulligan) Gerry Mulligan NJA 1902
  2. Theme From ‘I Want To Live’ (Mandel) id id
  3. Black Nightgown id id id
  4. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Arlen, Koehler) Elliot Lawrence Big Band Archives LP 1219
  5. Disc Jockey Jump (Mulligan) Gene Krupa First Heard FH 26
  6. Godchild (Wallington) Miles Davis Jazz Live BLJ 8603
  7. So What (Noo Nah) (Mulligan) Gerry Mulligan West Wind 2146
  8. Bweebida Bobbida id id id
  9. Walking Shoes id id House of Jazz 220340/10
  10. Walking Shoes id id NJA 1902
  11. Young Blood id id id
  12. As Catch Can id id id
  13. Go Home (Webster) id id


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