tue 25 feb 2020 00:00 

WORLD CITIZEN – Eran Har Even Quartet


In todays edition of JazzNotJazz, we have the newest album of Edison nominated jazz guitarist Eran Har Even called ‘World Citizen’.

With this album Eran presents his vision of contemporary jazz music which is crossing sonic borders and fusing cultures. It is a result of many years of him being far away from home that resulted in seeing the world as one big source of inspiration and leading to a path of self-discovery.

We’re going to listen to the whole album and Eran will be there with us to tell us about his musical journey.

1.    Collective Memory
2.   Winners of the Cosmic Lottery
3.   Someone’s Child
4.   Aviya’s Song
5.   Circle of Life
6.   The G Spot
7.   Transmutation
8.   Henya
9.   Global
10. Belonging
11.  Universal
12. Act Normal


To order a signed copy of the album, go to: www.eranhareven.com
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