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Holland Jazz

fri 13 mar 2020 18:00 

Dutch Jazz on CD, compiled by Jan Verwey.


Theme: New CD’s.

A special mix of new productions.
Philipp Rúttgers/Oene van Geel.
CD ‘Changing Landscapes’ (2019).
A unique combination of piano and viola, with an aditional ‘quintone’, a 5th F string on a violin, which gives the instrument a cello like sound. (Just Listen Records).

Then Marko Churnchetz’ piano trio. Churnchetz is Slovenian by birth, but has been living in Brooklyn for years, hence the CD title ‘The Brooklyn Sessions’. Supported by our Dutch pride, left-handed bass player Joris Teepe and none other than Billy Hart on drums. A nice series of separate standards, of which I chose: ‘Turn Out the Stars’ by Bill Evans and ‘Riot’ by Herbie Hancock. (Jazztribes – 2019).

After that, Holland’s new pride; a great new big band, Peter Beets & the Henk Meutgeert New Jazz Orchestra. A band made up of young talents fresh out of school, with incredibly beautiful arrangements by Henk, who we already knew from his previous orchestra, which took its name from the Concertgebouw. Listen especially to ‘All the Things You Are’, with a beautiful solo by the young alto player Jasper van Damme.
CD ‘The Flying Dutchman’ (Magic Ball Records – 2019) .

An last but not least, the new CD ‘Con Alma’ from The New Conrad Miller Trio. Coen Miller, piano, David de Marez Oyens, bass, Enrique Firpi, drums. Music written by the pianist, of which 4 titles by the bass player. The atmospheric timbre of this piano trio’s music, makes it difficult to make a selection. And just look at that albumcover!
(Mochermusic – 2020)


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