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The Palace of Nostalgia

tue 17 mar 2020 11:00 
Composer: Fats Waller

Jazz, blues and nostalgia, by Sjaak Roodenburg.

We’re waltzing through the past in this week’s Palace. A tune that immediately springs to mind is ‘La petite Valse’ by the Belgian Joe Heyne. Different versions of this particular waltz form the common thread in this Palace, with also quite a few nods to the French: André Claveau, Tino Rossi, and also Elsa Popping & her Pixieland Band (by the ingenious sound artist André Popp).
We’ll follow that up with some dance music from Dick Willebrandts (‘Ik hou zo veel van dansmuziek’), and the swing ban of vocal group The Ink Spots, vocalist and pianist Una Mae Carlisle together with her teacher Fats Waller swinging in ‘I can’t give you anything but love’.
And lastly, Zarah Leander, glitter pianist Liberace, Gerard Cox with ‘De Pil’, trumpeter and vocalist Nini Rosso with ‘La balata della tromba’, Wim Sonneveld.
And attention to the death of boogie boogie pianist Jaap Dekker.
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